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At Thesys English Learning Centres we provide an interactive, immersive and engaging environment that fosters creative and critical thinking skills, while at the same time helping students develop a lifelong passion for the English language.

We prepare each and every student to become English proficient for the PSLE or O-Level exams one-year before taking the actual exam. (for students who enroll in ELLoquence® at least 24 months before their exams)

Research has shown that students undergoing the ELLoquence® program conducted by our highly experienced teachers are deeply engaged with learning and show measureable improvement within a few sessions.

Fosters creative and critical thinking skills

Aligned to PSLE standards

21st Century Learning Centre

Rigorous, as well as interactive and engaging

Real world topics help form connections

Gives students confidence and helps them find their voice

All Levels of English proficiency

Improves Reading, Writing, Listening, & Speaking

Why is Thesys right for you?

Our curriculum experts together with Singapore educators, have designed, developed, and specially tailored our proven comprehensive curriculum, ELLoquence® for Singapore students based on the educational requirements and outcomes mandated by the Ministry of Education (MOE)’s syllabus.

ELLoquence® integrates reading, writing, listening and speaking activities that significantly accelerate and improve English proficiency for grades Primary One to JC2 by blending high-tech teacher-led instruction with hands-on, interactive activities.

ELLoquence® incorporates the current best teaching practices of English language acquisition to prepare students to excel in their PSLE and O-level examinations a year early.

Each course focuses on the integrated skills of social and academic reading, writing, listening, and speaking with vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation embedded, all centered around one central theme per lesson. Students learn through cross-curricular topics, with activities that provide background information on the topic, a sequenced flow of learning activities; step-by-step activities that build understanding, and interactive activities that promote student engagement and practice. Students are able to think critically and express their opinions with confidence both in speaking and writing at every juncture.

Our Methodology

ELLoquence® is designed to improve learning outcomes for English language learning using Content Based Instruction (CBI), Communicative Language Teaching (CLT), and Blended instruction. Our robust solution reclassifies students quickly and with great success.

Content Based Instruction (CBI) is teaching academic English through certain themes or topics covered in content classes at school. For example, we teach English reading, writing, listening, and speaking through science and history topics.

The Communicative Language Teaching (CLT) approach is based on teaching English to communicate meaning through speaking and writing. Students learn English through practice by expressing their opinions and problem-solving. This is a student-centered approach, where student talk time is a priority.

Blended learning is where a class is taught by a teacher in a classroom with technology in a variety of formats. The teacher acts as both a facilitator and educator here. Technology can be used for self-study, practice, and interaction between students and with the teacher.

  • Teaching English learning students through research-based, school-tested content.
  • Rich academic, subject-specific vocabulary development.
  • Using social studies, science, and English topics to teach English language acquisition.
  • Collaborative interaction between teachers and students.
  • Emphasis on the four skills of reading, writing, listening, and speaking.

Course Content

Our courses introduce each unit with an essential question to allow students to use critical thinking skills.

Students practice English by engaging in thoughtful activities that start with background information.

Students learn new content through academic readings, audio, and videos.

There are available audio and visual resources for all proficiency levels of students

Students acquire academic vocabulary by reading and listening activities using key words.

Students demonstrate comprehension with auto-graded assessments.

Students have access to interactive discussion boards, allowing them to practice informal writing.


Students who have undergone our Thesys Education Singapore program have shown significant improvement in their understanding and mastery of the English language. Thesys Education Singapore is deeply committed to provide the tools, resources and environment needed to help your child be college and career ready. Our curriculum is rigorous, standards-aligned, and interactive with a 60-year history of excellence that is unmatched anywhere.

Ananias Centres June Holiday

There was an 18% improvement in test scores by a group of P4, P5 Singapore students working on P6 level material during a three week intensive with our curriculum.

Ananias Centres Jun-Oct 2016

There was a 30% improvement in test scores by a group of P3, P4 and P5 Singapore students working on Elloquence programmes during a four months period.

Example of English Proficiency Results

ELLoquence measures English proficiency by assessing reading comprehension and vocabulary through our ESEPA test given three times a year to determine growth.
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Our holiday program and workshop offer to students who want to improve their composition and comprehension skills. There is a fantastic range of activities some of which focus on improved examination performance, while others improve literature analysis and life skills. Register Your Interest Here!

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