Exam Preparation Tools (Composition)

The exams are approaching; ONLY 4 weeks left to the Year-End Exams.

It is important to prepare your child’s emotions in handling the stress and the unknown exam questions.

As parents, you need to be aware of your child’s personal habits – how do they deal with stress, what exam component do they fear the most etc. so that you can provide tailored and easy to execute solutions to your child.

Here are 4 quick and easy tricks that could help to improve grades significantly.

Spend some time to take your child through these points to see a marked improvement in their writing process.

1. Review And Reflect

Read your child’s essays written in the past that have been improved or vetted by their teachers.

Pay attention to the overall comments give by the teachers

  • Lack of elaboration or division of paragraphs and ideas
  • Incorrect use of tenses to specific timeline
  • Repeated use of vocabulary word
  • Careless spelling mistakes

Identify your child’s habitual or impulsive responses during the during the exam

  • Takes too long to draft a storyboard and hence does not complete the actual composition
  • Composition is always too short with insufficient elaboration on the essence of the story
  • Composition is too long with too many redundant story developments which are not relevant to the focus of the story
  • Gets caught up in the story telling and loses sight of the original question

2. Staying On Topic

A child’s mind is stretched at all directions during the exam process.

Give your child 5W1H steps to stay on topic and not be drafted away by their anxiety.

Read the title repeatedly and ask yourself:

  • What is the title about? E.g. about something unexpected
  • Where could this event or emotion happen to me? E.g. at a birthday party or in a park
  • When did this specific incident or emotion occur to me? E.g. at the cake cutting session
  • Who were involved in the incident? E.g. me, my friends, outsiders who were barbequing at the park
  • How did the incident occur? A dog ran over the birthday cake when I was about to cut it
  • Why did the incident happen? The dog was not on a leash, the owner was playing catch with the dog

Answering these questions will help your child to focus their writing to be smart and concise.

3. Pace The Writing And Length Of Composition

Avoid “info-dump”.

Large chunk of indigestible expository matter intended to explain the background situation damper the excitement of the reader and impede the flow of the story.

Give your child a guide to work with. Keep to 3-5 paragraphs depending on the level of your child is at.

4. Quick Rehearsals To Help Internalize The Thinking Process

Your aim is to internalize the learning and develop new habitual thinking processes for your child.

This can be done by creating simple mind maps each day to exercise your child’s thinking process.

*Leave your contact information and we will email you your ELLoquence Mind Maps.

This practice also helps your child to develop new connections between different titles/storyboard/descriptive writing.


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